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About us

Easy Come Easy Grow was established in order to help others get started growing their own fresh herbs and vegetables. The founder, Shaun Gort, has long been involved in the world of gardening since initialling starting in a small apartment and previously being the Chairperson for his local community garden, as there was a shortage of space in his courtyard. He then decided to confront the challenge of making the most out of an inner city courtyard and not let this limit his ability to grow herbs and vegetables (eventually fruit trees too!). After overcoming this challenge and learning that there are numerous ways to grow herbs and vegetables other than in the ground he decided that regardless of where you live, growing your own produce is something that everybody should be able to do. Since then the Easy Come Easy Grow Headquarters have relocated to acreage in the Macedon Ranges, which was a long term dream to grow veggies on a farm.

The journey of growing something from a tiny seed to watching it flourish and then eventually being able to eat what has been produced is an amazing experience. Let Easy Come Easy Grow get you started on your very own journey and once you have something to be proud of we would love for your to send us your photos to display on our Facebook and Instagram. We also welcome any queries you have and can provide additional tips and resources in respect to any of your own growing challenges!